2011 BC Kayak Solstua West

In the summer of 2011, Lola and I went on a Kayak trip in BC, this is one of the “camps” we stayed at. You can read about the rest of the trip here. Here’s some pictures about the first “camp” we visited, Solstua West. This was hands-down the fanciest “camp” I’ve ever been at. There were four tent sites, so up to eight people could stay at a time. I think Kayaking was probably the most popular activity, but it could also be used for general retreats, etc. You could have a nice visit just hanging out there!


That’s our cabin down there. It was on a wood platform with a roof over the tent and a little porch in front. I didn’t get a shot of the full bed inside the tent, but you can find a picture on their web site.   


Walking towards the bluff cabin. That’s past the tents at the end of the trail.


Chairs outside the bluff cabin.


Inside the bluff cabin. It really is just a small one room cabin for guests to hang out in. It was sunny when we were there, so I don’t think anyone ever used it, but would be sure nice if it was raining.


This is the coffee station. You just walk down in the morning, crank up the coleman stove and grab one of the french presses they have in the cubbies.


The “facilities”. They were pretty high tech composting toilets, with fans & heaters (similar to one we have outside at our house, but nicer).


Showers. They actually had individual showers for each cabin with a changing room for each shower. They had an on-demand hot water heater.


Trail from the cabins down to the dock.


Just a storage shed down by the dock, but some nice flowers hanging there.


Garden in the back of Susan and Pete’s house.


Susan and Pete’s saw mill. That seems to be the big thing on the islands, having your own saw mill, as otherwise you have to bring in lumber by boat.


This is a duplicate picture from our trip pictures, but it shows the dinner table down by the dock.