Eppie's Great Race 2012 - Logistics

This is a “logistics” report for preparing for Eppie’s Great Race. I wrote this because it was the type of information I was looking for before the race and couldn’t find. If anyone find this useful, great! This will likely be exceedingly boring if you aren’t actually planning on running Eppie’s. I also have race report for the race itself..

Training before the race

  • I did a complete hodge podge of casual training. If I do this again, I’ll spend a lot more time on combined run/bike sessions (“bricks” for the tri geeks). Also some more upper body work for the kayak.
  • I did an Eppie’s specific class with California Kayak  Highly recommend that class and cal kayak in general, I’ve taken other classes with that company and they’ve all been excellent.

What I brought to the race

  • Run
  • Bike
    • Bike (duh), helmet, paddling gloves (so I didn’t have to switch), bike shoes, fanny pack to carry my running shoes, water bottle filled with Vitalyte (like gatorade) (should have brought two bottles)
  • Kayak
    • Kayak (more duh), paddle, PFD, half skirt (did help a bit), water bottle filled with Vitalyte (should have brought two of these as well)
  • Misc
    • Coffee, Yogart and Granola for breakfast, safety pins, tape, sun screen, chamois butter. I generally use body glide but don’t need it with the full t-shirt and tri shorts.
  • Stuff I should have brought
    • More tape (more about this later), extra water for night before

Day before the race

My crew and I (thanks Lola) went to the expo the afternoon before to pick up the packets. We booked an overnight at a local hotel, so checked into the hotel and sorted through the packet. One bib to go on the kayak, one bib for my shirt, one for the bike. The bib for my shirt was easy (I remembered safety pins), and the bicycle was easy. I wasn’t sure how to get the bib on the kayak since it was on top of the car. But after going out to dinner at the local Marriott and having a few glasses of wine, I found it perfectly acceptable to climb on the hood of the car and attach the number that way. I did ran out of tape (I grabbed an almost finished role) but mostly had enough. The number actually came partially off in the race, but stayed on enough to complete the race. Next time I’ll bring more tape. Also as it turns out I had plenty of time to do this in the parking lot the next morning, so I’ll just do that next time. I’m sure the car will thank me. Went to sleep at 10:00 after eating slightly too much and a little too much wine, but the wine balanced out our noisy neighbors next door.

Morning of the race

Got up at 4:30 and made some coffee. The coffee maker was one of those hotel specific personal ones, but I managed to cut  up some filters to use my own coffee. Had the yogart and granola and was out of the hotel by 5:30. We got the kayak drop-off at 5:45, and there was a really long line of cars. Took about 30 minutes to get in (maybe a little longer). When we did, there was a parking lot with regular parking places, no specific drop-off section. We got the kayak off the car and carried it to the beach. Glad Lola was there to help, would have been a long shoulder carry. Go back to the car and left, out there by 6:30 or so. Took the freeway to the bike drop off and dropped off the bike. There were no lines here, just find a place to park and cross the street. Done by around 7:00. Took Fair Oaks to the race start. Parked on one of the side streets and walked maybe a quarter mile in. Got to the race start probably around 7:20, plenty of time for the race.

During the race

I have a race report for the race itself, but as far as logistics go:

  • I swapped my running shoes for my bike shoes at the bike transition. I stuffed my running shoes into a fanny pack and carried them. If I do it again, I’ll just use a little backpack, the fanny pack caught in my seat a few times.
  • I swapped my running shoes back on at the kayak transition. I did this just a few yards after handing my bike off. I saw one woman hand her bike shoes to a volunteer to hang on the bike after swapping her shoes, but for me it was easy enough to stuff them behind the seat of my kayak (they did get pretty wet though).