2011 BC Kayak Go With the Flow

In the summer of 2011, Lola and I went on a Kayak trip in BC. This is one the “camps” we stayed in. You can read about the rest of the trip here. Here’s some pictures about the second “camp” we visited, Go With the Flow. They were set up for 8 guests, with three cabins and a tepee - I think they’re adding a fourth cabin in the next year or so.


Brody and Christina’s house, with the dinner table out front.


Resident cat.


Washroom outside the “facilities”. Note the see-through mirror :) You can just see the cabins in the back.


Wood fired hot tub in the foreground, and the covered “lounge” in the background. You can just see the showers to the right, nothing better than a nice hot shower after a day of kayaking.