If this is January, this must be Bangalore

If this is January, this must be Bangalore.

Actually Singapore right now.

Flight was good as usual on Singapore Airlines. I slept about four hours going Seoul to Singapore. Just enough so I was good and tired when I got to the Singapore transit hotel at 1:00 AM local time, so I had no problem going to sleep.

I tried some new ear plugs designed for airplanes. They have little baffles in them and they supposed to equalize pressure more gradually during descents. They seemed to work, usually the side of my head feels like it is going to explode, but this time it felt like the top of my head would explode. But I could hear when landed, which is a huge improvement.

I walked down Orchard road in Singapore this time. It’s the main “shopping road” with lots of huge hotels and shopping complexes on the road. Plus a few historic buildings.

Here are a few pictures of

  • Singapore Skyline
  • Historic Raffles Hotel
  • Lion dressed in red bows for Chinese New Year
  • Orchard Road