Quick week in Bangalore

Well, a quick week in Bangalore. Lots of work stuff. I’m in Singapore now, waiting for my San Francisco flight.

Not much to highlight for the week, just a few things.

  • Had lunch at Samarkand. But it was set up like a “northern borders” interior. The cups were wrought copper. We had some wonderful kabobs, best I’ve ever had. Ravi said the wait in the evening for dinner can be up to three hours.

  • Had Sunday brunch with a friend from the US at the Leela Hotel. This was definitely a side of Bangalore I had not seen. The Leela is a five star hotel with rooms around $500 a night. Inside is modeled after some temples in Mysore, but it is a new hotel. Inside is 6 acres of gardens and courtyards. Quite impressive.

  • In the wildlife department, in addition to the ever-present cows and oxen, I saw a group of donkeys by the side of the road, sleeping back to back. They weren’t pulling carts or anything, they were just sleeping.

That’s it for now. Off to take my 20 hour flight to San Francisco now.