Seoul, 11dec05 6:31 PM (1:31 AM PST) Back to India again. I take Singapore airlines for this trip. There’s a one hour layover in Seoul. No wireless access here, so I’m doing this offline (there’s an internet café, but I’m too lazy to sign up and use a strange terminal) The aircraft is great. There’s a movie screen in the seat in front, with 60+ on-demand movies. I watch a few movies (thumbs down on “forty year old virgin”, but “the wedding crashers” was pretty good on the airplane move scale). The food and service is excellent. Seoul is an ultra-modern airport. Nicer than Denver, probably on par with Munich. When I walked around I passed a food court with Subway, Burger King, KFC. Signs are in English and Korean. Their re-boarding, so I’ll pick this up again in Singapore.