Friday after work

Friday in India. I get my local India phone SIM card, so I guess I’m a local now. I sign up for a bus tour of Bangalore on Sunday. The office folks are incredibly accommodating about setting things up for me. Everyone insists I won’t be able to get around by myself, which is probably true. So I have a rented car & driver picking me up at the hotel to drop me at the tour and then bring me back afterwards. After work I went out with some folks for some beers. Bruce Springsteen is playing in the car. We stop at T.G.I.Fridays. Once we’re inside, you couldn’t tell the difference between Bangalore and San Jose. A few more indian faces, a few less caucasian geeky engineers (but not much less)and a few more women in Saris (but not much more). Probably the biggest difference is smoking is allowed. Saturday’s a work day here, so I’ll go into the office tomorrow. I just realize the blog timestamps are PST, so it says this is morning when it is really evening. Oh well.