First Day in India

Yesterday was my first day in India. My hotel costs 900 rupees a night, which is less than $20. It is nice and clean, but not fancy. The staff is very friendly and speaks good english. A fancy hotel here costs over $300 a night, there’s a huge difference between bargains and high end costs here. Breakfast is 50 rupees, or about a dollar. Internet access is 350 rupees for 24 hours, which is a bargain. They were playing Bill Monroe in the hotel cafe. Ravi picked me up at the hotel, it took about 45 minutes to get to the office. Traffic is pretty bad, kind of like getting out of a big concert with everyone coming from all directions towards one exit. Some of the roads are in pretty bad shape (even worse after the floods two weeks ago) and there’s a lot of dust in the air. It is like being on a dirt road with seven million people driving in front of you. Yes, there are cows in the road. And lots and lots of dogs. On the way to work I see lots of people on scooters, some with women in saris riding side-saddle on the back. Lots of scooters, some western motorcycles and a few Royal Enfields (now made in India). We went out to lunch at a small cafe that was pseudo-american-european style. They have some indian dishs and I order one. It is good. Everyone keeps asking me if the food is too spicy, but it is just fine for me. They were playing Crosby, Stills and Nash in the restaurant. The dev team here are all really nice folks, I enjoy working with them. At 6:00 we have snacks on the terrace of the office building. Curry and some kind of sticky rice that I can’t remember the name of. It is really good, and I have double helpings of curry. People ask me again if it is too spicy, but it is just really good. I get back to the hotel around 9:00 PM. It takes about 45 minutes. The dust is thick. it looks like fog in the headlights. I’m stuffed after the big lunch and 6:00 snack, so I skip dinner. I do some office work for a while and then go to sleep around 12:00 AM. Jet lag is fine, god bless melatonin.