Flight to Bangalore

I take a 2:15 flight from SFO to Frankfurt, and then Frankfurt to Bangalore. How things worked: iPod – this works great. I listen to “1491” SFO to Frankfurt. This is crowded flight, so I can’t even look at my laptop, so I’m glad I have the audio book. But by Frankfurt I’m 2/3 down on battery. I have a 45 minute layover, so I pull out my laptop and top off the iPod battery from the USB port. Now I’m set for Frankfurt to Bangalore. Laptop – My old laptop was a Dell D600. Good machine, but you can not open it up all the way in economy class because the keyboard and screen are too big. So I buy a new Dell D610 which is the exact same size as the old one. Gee, this one doesn’t fit either. Who would’ve thought?