Eppie's Great Race 2012 - Logistics

This is a “logistics” report for preparing for Eppie’s Great Race. I wrote this because it was the type of information I was looking for before the race and couldn’t find. If anyone find this useful, great! This will likely be exceedingly boring if you aren’t actually planning on running Eppie’s. I also have race report for the race itself.. Training before the race I did a complete hodge podge of casual training. [Read More]

Eppie's Great Race 2012

This is a race report for the 2012 Eppie’s Great Race. I also have a logistics report. Warning, this is pretty long winded. *Feelin' allright* I managed to slow down some, but still a little faster than I wanted. I slowed down a little each mile until I was at my planned 10:00 pace. I drank water at two of the stops - generally not something I would do in a 10k, but it was already in the mid-70’s heading towards a 100+ day, and it was going to be a long race. [Read More]

2011 BC Kayak

This is the story of our 2011 Kayak in BC in the discovery islands group. You can just jump to pictures as well. There are more pictures then there are in this post, so might be worth a look anyway. Clicking on any of the pictures in this post takes you to the same gallery. You can also find all the places on a map This was getting pretty long, so I did separate posts for the base camps describing Solstua West and Go With the Flow. [Read More]

2011 BC Kayak Solstua West

In the summer of 2011, Lola and I went on a Kayak trip in BC, this is one of the “camps” we stayed at. You can read about the rest of the trip here. Here’s some pictures about the first “camp” we visited, Solstua West. This was hands-down the fanciest “camp” I’ve ever been at. There were four tent sites, so up to eight people could stay at a time. I think Kayaking was probably the most popular activity, but it could also be used for general retreats, etc. [Read More]

2011 BC Kayak Go With the Flow

In the summer of 2011, Lola and I went on a Kayak trip in BC. This is one the “camps” we stayed in. You can read about the rest of the trip here. Here’s some pictures about the second “camp” we visited, Go With the Flow. They were set up for 8 guests, with three cabins and a tepee - I think they’re adding a fourth cabin in the next year or so. [Read More]

What's in a word?

“Sustainability.” This seems to be a loaded word these days, especially in Amador County. The dictionary definition is simply this: Able to be maintained. There are other definitions as well. I’m a member of the American Tree Farm Association, and they have standards for sustainability. The standards include items such as this: Reforestation or afforestation must be achieved by a suitable process that ensures adequate stocking levels. The wording is a little more complex, but the meaning is similar: Able to be maintained. [Read More]

What's in a number? 2008-2009 budget

Sometimes I’ll see charts like this: and think, “Wow! That is a lot! maybe those republicans are right! Maybe spending is out of control! And so quickly after President Obama took office!” So why how did we go from a 500B to 1750B budget deficit? I thought I’d track the numbers down. The first thing I found was that the chart I saw (from this site, and a few others) was not exactly true. [Read More]

Solar System XANBUS Details

Solar System Details:

XANBUS Location













XANTREX System Control Panel 2

Desolation Wilderness - 2010

Trip report from weekend backpacking in Desolation Wilderness. You can also jump right to the pictures at smugmug. There are a few more pictures there, I didn’t put all of them in this post. Clicking on any of the pictures makes them bigger. Friday We were originally going to hike to Lois Lake, but the ranger station said the lake was still frozen. So we decided to go to Lake of the Woods, taking the PCT in and “a popular trail” on the way out. [Read More]